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RHF aspires to see children and their families intact and thriving in well-resourced communities. We invest in transformative strategies to achieve this vision for New York. 

RHF Strategy Refresh

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We are excited to share our revised grantmaking framework that builds on RHF’s history of powering progress and partnership to improve the lives of children and families across New York. This strategic shift intends to address the challenges and priorities voiced by people and communities most affected by the child welfare system. We hope to open access to philanthropic support for grassroots organizations and coalitions working to build the family justice movement –– particularly in communities disproportionately impacted by child welfare investigations. 

REVIEW our key strategies and goals that prioritize movement-building for bold change.

Welcome New Board Trustees!

To support the transformative work ahead, RHF is pleased to announce the appointment of Nancy Fortunato, Angelique Salizan, Shanta Trivedi, and Kristen Weber to the Board of Trustees.  

MEET the Trustees.


How We Work

Our grantmaking supports a spectrum of partners dedicated to improving the lives of children and families across the state. We recognize the roadmap to achieving positive change in child welfare requires a different, more thoughtful approach guided by the people and communities directly affected by current policies and practices.  


We fund statewide advocacy coalitions, local grassroots organizations, and policy infrastructure that centers lived-experience experts in leadership, priority setting, and strategy implementation roles. We strive to be a better ally as we commit to integrating racial justice and equity into our mission, partnerships, and operations. 


We champion the voices of system-impacted youth and families and encourage shared power and decision-making to identify concrete solutions that uphold parental rights, expand community resources, and shift the system's focus from surveillance to support. 

Partner Highlights

Happy Family

NYC's Narrowing the Front Door Work Group

NTFD's mission is to further an anti-racist approach to shrink NYC's child welfare system and promote Black child, family and community wellbeing.

It works to implement citywide recommendations that eliminate surveillance and investigations and strengthen community-based responders to family needs. 

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