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We work to increase and improve family-based care and permanency in NY's foster care system.

RHF and OCFS hosted the Family First Readiness Kick-Off Convening. This event launched RHF’s six-month planning and technical assistance effort with 19 New York State counties. Dr. Jerry Milner and other national experts shared insights on increasing kinship placements and reducing congregate care.  

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RHF released the new Placement Savings Forecaster tool and companion video on to assist county child welfare departments as they assess their current and future out-of-home placement array. 

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RHF is now supporting Rising Ground to launch a new Co-Parenting program to promote more supportive and positive relationships between birth parents and foster parents. 

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Our Priorities

Reduce Residential Placement

We seek to improve practice and policy to reduce overreliance on residential placements. We work to increase family-based care (whether birth, kin, foster or adoptive) to improve outcomes for foster children.  Click to learn more.

Support Excellent Caregivers

We support efforts to improve the recruitment, support and retention of excellent foster families, including kin. We believe children who enter foster care should be in well-supported families.  Click to learn more.

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