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RHF Newsletters 

“As we focus on eliminating the need for child welfare interventions, the authentic experiences and bold ideas surfacing at the local level inspire us to deepen our commitment to communities,” says Jessica Maxwell, RHF Executive Director. “This funding aims to further the meaningful progress of our statewide partners in the family justice space while strengthening grassroots organizing, power-building, and community-led advocacy efforts that preserve family autonomy and end system entanglements that fail them. 

Please read here for more RHF and grantee news.

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Keeping Families Together eNewsBlasts

The Keeping Families Together Initiative provides technical assistance and grant funding to 9 NY counties to better support families and develop more racially-just practices.


These monthly eNewsBlasts will provide updates from the child welfare field and announcements on upcoming events and opportunities, and most importantly, will be a place for community sharing and learning. View more here.

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Publications & Perspectives

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The Family First Report Card is a call to action for legislators, counties, provider agencies, OCFS, the judiciary and sister systems to do better. In addition to grades for QRTP quality, the court review process and aftercare services, the report lays out System Recommendations that are critical to meet the shared vision for transformative change.

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